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Executive and team coaching facilitation

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Reach far greater potential and achieve both personal growth and organizational results

Team Coaching & Facilitation

Create sustainable impact by coaching and developing the broader system of leaders

I work with leaders and teams to help them unlock greater potential, achieve breakthrough performance and live and lead from intention.

I thrive on helping leaders transform strong into superb, moving from a place of strength to a place of excellence. I believe in the power of knowledge – about yourself, your impact and your purpose – and leveraging that clarity to lead, live and thrive in an ever-changing, complex world.

Jennifer Tankersley is a Professional Certified Coach

“I started my coaching process with Jennifer at a time in my career/life/leadership journey that I thought I had a lot figured out. What I learned through Jennifer‘s thoughtful questions and process was that I was really just at the beginning of a new chapter in my life, one where I have a TON of room to learn and grow.  Some of what I learned about myself through her coaching were hard lessons/realizations, but I came away with a renewed sense of energy and excitement (things that I didn’t even realize I was missing) about my own development and journey.”

Chief Executive Officer

Meet Jennifer

Executive coach & change expert

I work with my clients to gain clarity around what they care about and how they can best show up in service of that. We look for patterns in behaviors and stories that may be holding them back, unpack the beliefs below them and build a plan for showing up aligned with their values and goals. We build the capacity to show up “on purpose and in purpose.”

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As a coach and an ardent learner, I have dedicated my life and profession in service of growth. It’s a beautiful thing to watch (or

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