Is Leadership More About People or Strategy?

From Jennifer Tankersley

Recently, I had the privilege of being in conversation with Karin Blair for her Game Changer Series on strategic leadership. When she first approached me about the topic I found myself a bit overwhelmed by the topic.

I had a LOT to say after having spent much of my career in the arena of strategy. So, I practiced what I preach. I sat down with my journal and asked myself the question, “what do I know today about strategy?”

What came out was an evolved perspective on strategy, one much more focused on people than process.

In the conversation, linked below, we explore the power of pause, the criticality of truly listening, and strategy as a profoundly human experience. We touched on the challenge to simultaneously hold: conviction with humility and curiosity; and connection with accountability and clarity. I hope you enjoy the conversation and I would love to hear what you know today about strategy (and how that may be different than what you knew, perhaps, yesterday).

Check out the interview here: .