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For Individuals

Leadership and Executive Coaching​

Coaching is a powerful tool for building leadership capabilities to achieve both short and long term personal, professional, and organizational goals. Coaching enables new perspective and greater intentionality by creating clarity of purpose, understanding of impact and awareness of drivers and beliefs beneath behaviors and decisions. Through a process that supports both horizontal (skill building) and vertical development (ability to think in more strategic, complex and systemic ways) I help leaders reach far greater potential and achieve both personal growth and organizational results.


Examples of the work I am asked to support:

  • Accelerating a leaders transition into a new role or team
  • Building capabilities to step into an expanded leadership role
  • Managing conflict with growing stakeholder group
  • Navigating challenging team and interpersonal dynamics
  • Improving communication effectiveness and executive presence
  • Tackling behavioral roadblocks that are limiting effectiveness
  • Leading through organizational transformations
  • Building change management capabilities
  • Navigating complex and stressful business systems
  • Building sustainable leadership practice

For Groups

Team Coaching and Facilitation

Team effectiveness is critical to creating impact and executing against an organizational strategy. It is also the perfect conduit for influencing and shifting organizational behaviors and culture. Working within the team setting, I can facilitate important conversations and offsites or, through team coaching, help build the conditions that foster more effective work together. Certified in several team assessment tools that help identify both the strengths and weaknesses of a team, I work with my clients to co-create sustainable and long term solutions for greater team dynamics and outcomes.


Be it a newly formed team or an existing team that needs to level up for greater effectiveness, team coaching often includes:

  • Clarifying the team’s purpose and building alignment to ensure it is challenging, clear and consequential
  • Ensuring the team has the right people (skills and experience) to deliver against and clarity of roles
  • Building awareness around individual strengths and how best to leverage
  • Enabling the team through improved processes and structures to be most effective
  • Identifying contextual limitations to the team’s success
  • Building alignment and trust among the team’s members
  • Coaching around team dynamics to ensure the team is working well together
  • Building emotional intelligence and collective development over time
  • Modeling issue identification and resolution and determining decision making and problem solving approaches
  • Facilitating important or challenging conversations/retreats to ensure desired outcomes are realized and next steps and owners clearly identified

Jennifer led us on a transformative journey as a team, from defining a shared mission and crafting interrelated OKRs to celebrating wins and learning about what drives us on a personal level. We went from some awkward conversations about how our objectives interconnect to deep feedback offered to each other in service of our leadership styles. It was profoundly meaningful…”

Director of Marketing


As a coach and an ardent learner, I have dedicated my life and profession in service of growth. It’s a beautiful thing to watch (or

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